The New Nationalism must draw examples from the old, but with a view geared towards a solid future. As such, as the Neo-Eurasianism of today draws from the Eurasianism of Trubetzkoy, the Pan-Slavism of today must draw from the Pan-Slavism of the XIX century, or more specifically, of the Conventions and the viewpoints of all its particular delegates. All of them have a lesson for us, nearly two centuries later.

Pak-Russia cooperation is natural


Russia and Pakistan are facing Economic Challenges. Pakistan is over-burden with 95 Billion US dollars external debt, decline in exports, decline in foreign remittances, as a result facing severe shortage of foreign exchange.

Russia's Role in Global Politics


- Russia's Role in Global Politics.
- What is the Future of Pak-Russia relations?
- What Russia would suggest for a Multipolar World?

Will the objective U-Turn of Trump serve Pakistan?


Leo Tolstoy has rightly stated in his illustrious novel War and Peace that “The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.” Everywhere in the world, when there is war, the final decision is taken on the table and so is A

US, Russian and Chinese analysts in one program


GNN covers the Two-Day International Conference on "Conflict and Cooperation in South Asia: Role of Major Powers" organized by the Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI) on 11-12 December 2018.
Program: Live with Moeed Pirzada.
Anchor: Moeed Pirzada.
Speakers: Dr Joshua T. White; Dr Wang Shida; Mr Leonid Savin.