Islamic civilization

Pak-Turk Relations Reach New High


The friendship of Pakistan and Turkey dates back before the formation of the two, especially during the Turkish War of Independence when the Muslims of the British Raj (Now India and Pakistan) sent a financial aid to the troubled Ottoman Empire, w

PTM Syndrome and responsibility of the state

The subject of hegemony was discussed for the first time by an Italian philosopher Gramsci in his book “Prison Notebook” in which he explains that there are two ways of gaining hegemony: use of power by political society by force and use of powe

Gwadar City Declared Tax-Free Status


China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which connects China’s border city of Kashgar with Pakistan’s port city of Gwadar. Network of Roads has been constructed and railway linkage is in pipeline.

Pakistan At A Crossroads


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is steadily changing its policies – both domestic and foreign. Outside observers are putting the change down to democratic transition and an Asian-style populism.