South American History, Part I

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The first step towards understanding South America’s Hybrid War vulnerabilities and the driving factors that could motivate the US to wage these sorts of asymmetrical conflicts is to grasp an appreciation of the continent’s history and its geostra

South America In The Emerging Multipolar World Order


The Transoceanic Railroad is China’s number one New Silk Road investment in the southern portion of the supercontinent, and it has the exciting potential to fundamentally rewire South America’s geopolitics in the decisive direction of multipolarity.

Brazil ruled by corruption


The Federal Police of Brazil have sent an appeal to the Supreme Federal Court for permission to launch an investigation against Geddel "Quadros" Vieira Lima, a close ally and friend of the president and a member of the Lima administration.

Elections without choice


Brazil hosted the first round of municipal elections, the outcome of which will largely determine the further development of the situation in Brazil after the coming to power of a non-legitimate Mason-liberal, Michel Temer.