The last point of descent to hell


The Europeans did arrive to the last point of their descent to hell. The darkness is so strong that nobody recalls anymore what the light may be. That is the consequence of the revanche of Logos of Cybele mastered in the origins of European civilization by Indo-European Apollonian cultures, but liberated itself from the the chains – like Satan in the Apocalypse story. The metaphysics of technic is the essence of titanism. The present state of things in Europe is not casual, it is a logical stage – the final one – of the process originated with the Modernity and the refusal of Tradition. The Europe without Tradition is not Europe any more, it is Anti-Europe.

NATO - Balkan paper tiger. Part I


In 2009, NATO celebrated its 60th anniversary. With its recent deluge of new member states, it needed more space and announced it would build a new HD across the street from the bunker-like 1950s original one. 

Waiting for the Domino Effect (Europe after BREXIT)


The BREXIT become a symbol of the fall of the European Union and indeed in some aspects it could be an impulse for possible changes of this organization (actually the European State) - but not necessarily it would give the same results as is expected in some groups, dreaming of the return of former national states, the principle of sovereignty and identity.



The liberal have their shadow Government – the evil one. Let us have sun Government destined to appear in the clear day when this day comes and the night rests.

Fourth Political Theory: shortest presentation


Any Political Theory is defined by the paradigms of History being fully dependant of them. So in oreder to understand 4PT cirrectly we need to consider what three basic paradigms are: Pre-Modernity (traditional society) - Modernity (modern society) - Post-Modernity (a kind of post-society or dis-society where all social ties are destroyed)