Chișinău speech


Right from the start, the budding and ambitious cast of merchant bankers undertook a twofold revolution (no pun intended), consisting on the one side in a conceptual effort to dissolve the political « power » in place, and on the other in setting up,country by country, an institution able to centralise and manage the monetary masses in circulation. To be concrete, economic power used two major tools to elevate itself as a political power: first, the elaboration and dissemination of the « separation of power » principle, and secondly, the establishment of « central banks ». The French have spearheaded the conceptual and institutional foothold these two instruments of mass destruction have on both people and states. In return, the French should be the ones developing conceptual measures able to reestablish the States, in the true political sense, to their normal operating levels. Unfortunately, in the current context, we cannot rely on the French to apply these new concepts institutionally for the renewal of political power. We will come back to this…

The first principle these economic powerholders put in place is that of « separation of powers» , which was developed by Charles Louis de Secondat, baron of Montesquieu. We know the success this strategy has had in time and space. Universally recognised has the only institutional mean of limiting power, it made possible a widespread uniformisation of government models throughout the world ; making it possible to reach the ultimate stage, a global government.



The idea of sovereignty is all along tied to the States: entering the crisis these, it was inevitable that the sovereignty enters into crisis too. Yet, we ought to say: a certain concept of sovereignty, the sovereignty “of the State” as a State’s attribute is in crisis, not the sovereignist idea in itself. Taking it to the extreme, we could say that today, the new political subjects are no longer the States but the people: people fighting against the global financial elites, people with needs to satisfy.