A problem named vaccine?


Italy, like other countries in the world, has just started a vaccination campaign against Covid-19 infection, a few days ago which, at least for the moment, is focusing solely on the messenger RNA vaccine produced by the well-known Pfizer Corporat

We will die of Science

Modern science, born as a reaction from below to the unquestionable truths of the Scriptures, is now removed from the doubts that come precisely from below; raised to the rank of untouchable faith by a tireless army of televised priests.

The purifying pain

The sight of man now makes us tired - what else is nihilism today, if it is not this? ... We are tired of man...” Nietzsche wrote in the summer of 1887, in one of his capital works Genealogy of morality.

The regime is served

A brief but necessary introduction: Franco Marino is an Italian blogger who writes on the blog "il Detonatore" [1] together with two of his friends (Matteo Fais and Davide Cavaliere).

The virus of fear

Now that the Italian government of Giuseppe Conte says it wants to extend the state of emergency until January 31, 2021 to fight an epidemic in which doctors look for often asymptomatic sick people and not sick people look for doctors.