Poland Reshuffles Government: what's going on?


Poland's new prime minister has reshuffled his Cabinet, ousting the controversial ministers of foreign affairs, defense and the environment in a move aimed at mending relations with partners in the European Union or..

America Will Never Accept Economic Sovereignty of Europe


The economy of Poland, the largest country in the Central Europe, according even to the European standards, is strongly affected by politics, and especially by foreign affairs. Although the term "Energy Sovereignty" has been imprinted on the Polish people just to explain and justify the search of alternatives to the traditional on the Polish market source of gas and oil - Russia, today it turns out that only one alternative could be accepted. We are to buy gas and even coal from the United States, and oil only from countries designated and accepted by Washington. And that means that there is no chance for any "Energy Sovereignty" – but also Warsaw will be forced to break very promising trade and investment relations with Iran.

For Olga

When I was born 42 years ago, the nationalist factor seemed to lose its importance in the face of the geopolitical competition between the two blocks in a practical dimension and even stronger emphasis on human rights issues in the propaganda an