The Pole of the Russian Circle: Moscow’s Place in the Sacred Geography of Russia


rom the point of view of sacred geography, the firmest and most operative construction is full-fledged and complete Moscow-centrism, the idea of Russia as a wheel turning around a center. Concentric psychology is deeply rooted in our people. In this case, Russia is the total opposite of the US, the mythological geography of which was from the very beginning fragmented and individualized.

Liberate the president!


In the globalised world of today people get a lot of information - of course most of it is disinformation, or incomplete or just propaganda from those who are in power.

On the Third Rome


The fall of Constantinople was a turning point in the history of the Russian Church. This event had great meaning for the Russian Orthodox mind. The Turkish conquest of the New Rome could not have failed to impart a deep shock to the foundations of the eschatological worldview of the entire Orthodox world.

We are the Church of the End Times


There are many reasons why the “Philadelphian plan” for the apocalyptic restoration of Ecclesiastical Unity, which is only and exclusively understandable from an Orthodox point of view, might seem to be utopian. The Church today has not only never been further removed from the possibility of reunification, but is also constantly under threat of further division and continuous decay. Dark heresies, liberal reforms, and the open aggression of the West hurl themselves at this ship of Salvation with a new, hitherto unwitnessed force. It seems as if it would be enough to save what is left and dream of Rebirth… 

Is Putin really guilty?

Are we really sure that the former spy Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by the Russians? Let me advance more than one doubt by carefully examining the news released so far. The points that do not come back are these: