Jerusalem and Trump


Capitalism itself – that is a problem with some unsolved contradictions and Western societies, especially long imprinted Americans are unarmed and unprotected, believing in all that slogans that “a rising tide lifts all boats” or “there ain't no such thing as a free lunch”, which cover the lack of real economic program directed to counteracting social stratification, creating empty money by banks or limiting the public sector and quality of life.

Deliveries with Lethal Results: Is There Going to Be a War?


The US have approved commercial licenses for the delivery of small arms to Ukraine. The State Department has denied this fact in a RIA-Novosti commentary; however, a representative of the agency confirmed the fact that the issuing of a licence had taken place in an interview for TASS. Among the weaponry are Barrett M107A1 rifles, spare parts, additional equipment, and also ammunition for the total cost of 41,5 million dollars.  

We remind the reader that the day before another escalation had taken place in South-Eastern Ukraine.

‘What Basis for Unity?’

The calamity that has befallen most of the Native American tribes of North America is an evil that needs to be repented of and atoned for in real, substantive ways: