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The Twitter account of the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin (@agdchan) was deleted today without explanation. "I consider this to be an ordinary...

Review on Alexander Dugin's book Ethnos and Society

How the Globalists react to Donald Trump, China’s Rise, and the Future of the World Political System

A Consideration of the Geopolitics of Aleksandr Dugin in Light of the Metaphysics of René Guénon

Foundations of geopolitics 2.1 Defining a New Science A Swede, Rudolf Kjellen, was the first to use the term “Geopolitics.”

The love-in between Trump and the Kremlin proved brief. Bannon apparently made no move to lift U.S. sanctions on Russia imposed after the annexation...

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, talked in recent days with "several leaders of other planets, who are very worried because they...

Exclusive interview for Infowars:  Alexander Dugin reveals the truth  about his relations with President Putin, his attitude towards President Trump...

Under the apocalyptic postmodern condition, every thinking being is obsessed/ preoccupied with one existential question: What comes after liberal...

On 16 April 2019, The Washington Post published an article titled “Why far-right nationalists like Steve Bannon have embraced a Russian ideologue....

Historical perspective

Men scare Polish children with Dugin. In the role of the greatest threat – Aleksandr Gelyevich overtook even Putin. "Colonel, Professor Dugin! Main...

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