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Coup d' état in Turkey


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Greetings, you are watching Dugin’s Guideline. At the end of last week, an attempted coup d’etat took place in Turkey. It was thwarted.

It just so happened that on Friday, July 15th, I was live on Tsargrad TV from Ankara speaking about the terrorist attack in Nice. Who could know that literally just a few hours later, a coup would begin.

And so here is what happened. Given that during my visit I had met with a number of senior officials in Turkish politics and in particular with the mayor of Ankara, Ibrahim Melih Gokcek, the overall picture of the political alignment of forces in Turkey on the eve of the putsch seemed to me to be completely clear. That very same Ibrahim Melih Gokcek, a figure very close to President Erdogan, told me during our conversations of a parallel state, paralel devlet in Turkish, which the sect of Fethullah Gulen succeeded in establishing in Turkey. This sect has its headquarters in the US, in Pennsylvania, from which a developed network of agents of influence which have penetrated Turkish society are managed. Melih Gokcek confessed that he had not immediately figured this out, but that it had later become clear that CIA-managed structures were operating under the guise of humanitarian programs and charity.

What’s more, Melih Gokcek said in a private conversation something that, once the coup had already begun, he announced publicly: it was none other than Fethullah Gulen’s sect which stood behind the downing of our plane and murder of our pilot. The US’ objective was embroiling Ankara and Moscow at a time when both countries were coming to an understanding. The plane and the death of the pilot were a tool of geopolitical intrigue. Meanwhile, the Americans understood that Erdogan’s positions, whom they wanted to replace with their direct protege, Davutoglu, would become shaky thanks to a boycott of Russia. Thus, two forces formed in Turkey: one of them was made up of conditional Kemalists, patriots who wanted to immediately restore relations with Russia and then pushed Erdogan to apologize, and the the Gulen sect and other purely pro-American structures who, on the contrary, did everything they could to prevent this.

When Melih Gokcek and I parted ways two hours before the coup, he said: “We underestimated the power of the parallel state that the Americans and Gulen’s supporters established inside Turkey. This was our mistake. But now we are going to fix it, the first step being new rapprochement with Moscow.”

When I was waiting for my flight to Moscow at the Ankara airport, I heard shots and explosions. The airport was shut down by soldiers and flights were canceled. The news spread that a coup was underway. People said that the military had rebelled against Erdogan. But it was immediately clear for me that the American agents in the mid-range, but influential positions of the army, i.e., Fethullah Gulen’s network, had opted for extreme measures. This was the last chance to kick out Erdogan, who, supported by the Kemalists, decided to break with Washington and turn to Eurasian politics, to Moscow. Many Turkish politicians then told me that Turkey was seriously considering exiting NATO and striving  for a rapprochement with Moscow on security issues, so the American agents had only one way out: a coup. This is what the pro-American forces attempted to accomplish.

Uncertainty dragged on for one night. But by the morning, the patriotic forces of Turkey had quelled the mutiny. And what was before just a whisper immediately began to be announced from public podiums by not only the mayor of Ankara or the prime minister, but also by Erdogan himself: the coup was launched by the same forces who shot down the Russian plane. Nothing personal: just the parallel state, the paralel devlet.

But now nothing can hinder Turkey from leaving NATO, getting closer with Russia, and once and for all breaking off relations with those who wanted to overthrow the legitimate government. “Forward to the Moscow-Ankara Axis”, as my book released in Turkey 10 years ago was titled. Back then, I explicitly, like other times, ran ahead. But now history has caught up with this strategic idea.

Goodbye, you’ve been watching Dugin’s Pro-Turkish Guideline.

For many centuries, Russia and Turkey prevented each other from achieving their desired goals. Hence the numerous wars. If we pursue a common strategy, we can resolve all of our problems together by means of peace and strategic partnership. It was this alternative that the great Russian philosopher, Slavophile, and conservative, Konstantin Leontyev, so prophetically spoke of.




Greetings, you’re watching Dugin’s Guideline. The situation around Russia at the international level is gradually worsening. Even the most attentive international analysts have observed this. Recently, the Stratfor Think Tank published an article with an expressive title: The U.S. and Russia Plan for Conflict.

Why are they drawing attention to this conflict now? The opposition between the Land (Russia) and the Sea (the USA and NATO members) is something constant and unchangeable. If one loses something, the other gains something, and vice versa. Only naïve people and the direct agents of influence can believe in the “reset” of the “friendship” with the West. But why has the duel between these civilizations become more intensive only recently?

There are many explanations for it. But let’s regard the internal situation in the US, as it is here we can find the most exact answer. In fact, Donald Trump is a real challenge for the whole American Establishment, which doesn’t represent America, but the world financial oligarchy, transnational corporations, and fanatic-globalist sects. Trump is the candidate of America, for America is a nation-state with specific interests and understandable national interests. Russia, in fact, is not an enemy for such a state, but it is an enemy for globalists and Atlanticists, as Russian sovereignty does not allow them to fully control the world.

Russia is not an enemy for America. If Trump wins the elections, he will be on the side of realism, as he promised. And the main contradictions between Russia and the USA will disappear: each one will concentrate on its own problems and will not interrupt one another. It is an ideal scenario. But the globalists didn’t establish their domination of the world (first of all in America), create their networks, and plant liberal agents of influence to give up so easily. They can fall only because of Trump! He can create the conditions for peace. But the globalists need war. They don’t need peace, Trump, or Russia. That's why they try to aggravate relations with Moscow. They are currently interested in this more than usual.

Most likely, the goal of those who arrogantly think of themselves as the World Government or its equivalent is increasing the tension with Russia so much so that on the eve of the election the situation turns not into a cold war, but into a hot one. Yes, a Third World War is very likely. Even this idea is horrible. Of course, being on the edge and actually crossing it are two different things, but the risks are very high. If the critical level is reached, after the elections the globalists will get some dividends, despite the final winner: Hilary as the direct candidate of the maniac neocons or populist Trump. If Hilary comes to office, she can slow down the conflict and gain some points by playing the peacekeeper. Her popularity is crucial, as the majority of Americans doesn’t accept her and never will, even if globalists impose her.
That’s why Hilary is interested to face our country at the edge of war. Hilary is not just a person, but also the face of the powerful globalist elite. If Trump wins, in a direct conflict he will be unable to implement his project of armed neutrality with Russia, as his position of a mutually beneficial détente will be regarded as betrayal. So the escalation will slow down Trump in the event of his victory.

And finally, if everything goes wrong in the USA, and we can’t discount it, the emergency situation and the high threat of war with Russia can be the cause to prolong Obama’s term. Later he can be blamed for everything, but Trump’s history will end, and the globalists will wriggle out.

So we have to be prepare for the worst case scenario. It is unlikely that the USA will star a war against Russia, but they are able to pretend that they are ready to do it. And such geopolitical poker is not just a game.

Goodbye, you’ve watched the prewar Dugin’s Guideline.

We can avoid war only if we are strong and are ready to go to the end. Not pacifism, but defensive power is the guarantee of a real and stable world. 

DUGIN'S GUIDELINE - Trump and Clinton: the battle will be bloody


Hello! You are watching Dugin's guideline. I feel I have good news about America and the American primaries. Now we are certain that our hero Donald Trump and bloody Hilary will be fighting in the final tour of the US elections. That's great! I am going to explain why.

With these two candidates we can be sure to have all that we want in the near future. Both of them are excellent choices. Let us imagine the US after the elections. We have but two possibilities: no more, or Hilary or Trump. In both instances, we will win and humanity can be happy.

Let’s imagine Hilary wins. She is not Obama – she is much worse than Obama. Behind her are mad neocons that will do anything to prolong the agony of American imperialism. They will reinforce the bloody chaos in the Middle East, and they will be aggressive and arrogant. And everybody will realize that they have had enough - enough with the US and its hegemony, intervention, and morbid financial system. Obama was seen as a chance for change. With Hilary, there is not even a distant image of this. She will bring the American Century to a decisive end. The famous imperial overstretch will definitively destroy America; the abrogation of the Second Amendment will close the case.

Hilary Clinton means the end of American rule of the world. She will stubbornly persist in continuing the strategy of liberal imperialism, blaming others, and exporting bloody chaos in the form of color revolutions. But this will bury America as a State and its people. So at this moment we have a chance. The fall of the West is a chance for the rest. It is our window of opportunity. Patrick Buchanan pertinently once said: America has gained the world but has lost herself. This time, Hilary’s America is going to lose the world and lose herself as well. By trying to retain hegemony and prolong the unipolar world system, the US will finally collapse because it is simply impossible. This will be the agony – a very dangerous and risky time. But afterwards we will be finally free from the Americans. Nice job, Hilary! We are ready for your apocalyptic show.

But what if Donald Trump wins? What should we expect? Trump, I suppose, will leave the world alone and put aside hegemonic claims. Maybe he will - at least temporarily - lose the world, but he will save America. Judging by his declarations, Trump is going to return to the pre-Wilsonian era, to the Monroe doctrine. He will concentrate on domestic affairs, saving resources for solving inner economical and social problems. And they really are huge. He is going to fight the real enemy that is inside America, not an imaginable one who is outside. This enemy is the modern American political and financial Wall Street elite that has hijacked America, which has deprived the American people of its country. That is why today some Republicans - primarily neocons - support Hilary and not Trump. They feel their end is approaching. So if Trump wins, America will be saved, not as an imperialist hegemony, but as a national country. American America. Donald Trump’s America can be a friend, an ally or, at least an indifferent power that concentrates on itself and minds its own business.

So we can sit back and enjoy the show. Both candidates are good for us - for the world, for humanity. Hilary will destroy America, Trump will save her. But the American century is manifestly in clear decline. The end is nigh. And that is a refreshing thought.

Best wishes, you have been watching Dugin’s guideline. Something is going to happen. Something is going to change. So go ahead. In both of them we trust.

In Trump We Trust


Greetings, you’re watching Dugin’s Guideline.

Some days ago it was Super Tuesday in the US. Of course, everyone’s attention is focused on the unconventional Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Two days ago one of the most important stages of the presidential race in the United States, Super Tuesday, came to an end. Residents of states that voted during Super Tuesday made their choice known. Donald Trump once again proved his leadership in the Republican race. He is likely to face Hillary Clinton at the November elections. 

The fact that, for the first time in decades, a truly independent candidate can be nominated in the presidential elections horrifies the current American elites. Trump is under fire from both Republican Party colleagues and Democrats. Influential neocons are in the forefront of this attack. A leading media outlet associated with this group, the Weekly Standard, published an article written by a neocon and chairman of the American Mars Society, Robert Zubrin, about Alexander Dugin openly supporting Donald Trump.


«Dugin's endorsement of Trump is noteworthy, particularly in view of the fact that he has been given the role of organizing Eurasianist fifth columns supporting the Putin regime in western countries»
Robert Zubrin http://www.weeklystandard.com/putins-rasputin-endorses-trump/article/2001344

Other mainstream liberal media outlets, including the popular Vox.com, also supported this effort.

A few years ago, Dugin's writings and his far-right neo-imperialist ideology of "Eurasianism" were considered core to Vladimir Putin's worldview and his agenda.

Max Fisher: http://www.vox.com/2016/3/1/11142048/dugin-russia-trump-endorse

The group of neoconservatives, who earlier fully controlled the Republican Party, is infuriated by Trump’s success, and is intensifying their attempts to denigrate him. Due to the obsession with the fake Russian threat, they couldn’t find an accusation more fearful that my support for him. This shocking “truth” was exposed by certain Robert Zubrin, a guy who has two aims in life: colonizing Mars and exposing Dugin’s fifth column in the West. Good choice Weekly Standard!
I do not begrudge you. I really like Donald Trump. But I detest the crazy warmongering neoconservatives, sodomite Rubio and hypocrite pseudo-Christian Cruz. I don’t like this stuff at all.

Donald Trump is the most right-wing candidate of the Republican Party, but not like the insane disabled McCain or the ex-Trotskyist neoconservatives, obsessed with the idea of world dominance. These people would look more right wing than Trump, but adhere to the same Trotskyist policy of hegemony.

Trump is the voice of the real right-wing in America, which, in fact, doesn’t care about foreign policy and American hegemony. It only cares about the Second Amendment and the good-old traditions of the single-storied or, at least, two-storied America, a predictable way of life on the ranch and expressing freedom wherever they like, but not how the liberals prescribe it. It is a nice America, often religious, sometimes silly, preconceived, unpretentious – just ordinary people without any special talents but also without perversions. There are few people of this kind in the American elite, or perhaps none at all. Trump is an exception, a normal American among the elitist circus.

Trump is gaining more and more unexpected supporters. Recently, the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan supported him. He has more than 15 million followers. The explanation is simple: Farrakhan severed his ties with the Saudi Wahhabis and moved closer to Iran. It is a perfect choice! That means: vote for Trump!

In fact, there is also the phenomenon of Bernie Sanders. He is on the side of the far-left. At the same time, he is a member of the ultraliberal establishment, but panders to socialism, which is banned by the same American elite. The democrats have fixed their eyes on his battle against the saxophonist’s wife. Hilary constantly loses, but her well-arranged “storm-troopers” succeed in falsifying the results and convincing electors. So, there is nothing more stupid and fake than the American vote counting system. It is a disgrace, and not a democracy! The majority votes for Sanders, but Clinton wins, bribing the electors. How dare they lecture us about human rights and the fight against corruption!

Sanders represents the American left - normal America - which passionately pursues social justice. Consequently, I cannot be sure there is a lack of perversion. But I should admit, despite the liberal dogmas, the ordinary Americans don’t believe in self-reliance and wouldn’t mind if the State started to care about them more. This, pardon the expression, is socialism.

The real American majority - the silent and dispossessed American majority - has no proper representation in the elite. And, in fact, they are between Trump and Sanders, but are the opposite of Hilary, Rubio, Cruz. That means the American society is more right than Trump, but at the same time is more left than Sanders. That’s real America, American America, which has found itself caught in the liberal globalist sect’s trap, obsessed with the new world order and focused on the interests of the world financial elite, instead of the ordinary American majority.

This is the first truly interesting election. It shows that America is on the brink of a revolution, especially if the elite won’t give the power to people.

Goodbye, you’ve watched Dugin’s Guideline on Super Tuesday.

I’ve got a feeling that the liberals themselves won’t leave the US and humanity alone. We should help them to do it.