Portal Geopolitika.ru is a platform for continuous monitoring of the geopolitical situation in the world, based on the application of methods of classical and postclassical geopolitics. The portal follows the line of the Eurasian approach. The analytical group cooperates closely with the International Eurasian Movement, as well as the Center for Geopolitical Expertises, the Center for Conservative Studies and some ex-members of Katehon think tank.
The mission of portal  is to promote a multipolar world based on the order of "Big Spaces". Our goal is the battle for a new Fourth Nomos of the Earth (in the terminology of K. Schmitt). This nomos must be radically different from the unipolar globalist model, based on the dictatorship of liberal ideology. 
We proceed from the basic principle of cultural anthropology (F.Boas and his school), which states that there is not and can not be a common universal measure when comparing cultures and civilizations. There is no absolute progress, no absolute regress, and no one has any right to consider some countries, peoples or cultures to more "developed" and others "less", and to impose on them unique criteria and values. 
Time and space are sociological constructs, wholly and entirely dependent on society. Moving from one society to another, we change not only language, religion, customs, but also understanding of the most fundamental things - God, man, time, space. 
Respect for the identity of each people, each civilization and each culture lies at the base of that multi-polar model, which is actively advocated by analysts, political scientists, sociologists and ethnologists gathered around our portal.
In the field of ideology, we reject all three political theories of the European Modern: 
1) Liberalism, 
2) Communism and 
3) Fascism,
considering them to be completely unsuitable for understanding the essence of those processes that deveolp around us in the contemporary  world, and following the principles of the Fourth Political Theory.
On these premises our analysis of processes in the field pf politics and international relations is based.