75 years ago the Battle for Moscow began

Friday, 30 September, 2016 - 18:15

Exactly 75 years ago - September 30, 1941 the battle for Moscow began .

Operation "Typhoon"  conducted by the Nazi forces the main objective of which was to seize Moscow, the countries capital, and to completly defeat of the Red Army.

The attack was carried out from three directions.

The first blow fell on the southern flank of the Bryansk region.

At this point, the Nazis managed to make significant progress, but defenders of Moscow fought to the death.

They managed to contain  enemy forces several times superior in number.

This battle went down in history with numerous manifestations of courage and heroism.

In December 1941, Soviet troops launched a counteroffensive and drove the enemy to the west.

Battle for Moscow ended on March 30, 1942.