Alexander Dugin: No collusion between Trump and Russia

Photo - Wikimedia commonse
Photo - Wikimedia commonse
Monday, 25 March, 2019 - 22:31

The recognition of Trump’s innocence in the relation to Russia during elections is extremely important, Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin said.

"All who insisted on it, silenced the opposite views or mocked on contrary arguments and affirmations are totalitarian paranoid maniacs. In dozens of interview - CNN, BBC and so on - I affirmed: No collusion. None of them was shown on air".

"Global liberal media is repressive ideological machine: if you are not liberal you are not human, perverted nazi communist scum and all you say is lie and hate speech. No debates, no arguments, no logic, just pure power of self interested hierarchical monologue: we know, you don’t, hear me, believe me and try to repeat. It is totalitarian form of mass hypnosis", he added.

"The Trump’s case is extremely significant: years of orchestered repeated global lie - at the end of a day: No collusion. No obstruction. Nothing. It is the real value of what we hear, see and read each day. Pure global lie. So from now on the act of believe in global media should be considered as collusion with the ideologically biased process of conscious disinformation. A kind of crime against reason, truth and human dignity. Liberalism must die", Dugin said.