Ann Coulter blames Trump for bombing Assad: “Rebels behind chemical attack”

Monday, 24 April, 2017 - 13:27

Famous Trump's partisan Ann Coulter noted that even if Assad did use chemical weapons, it is no excuse to start another “pointless war”…

“I don’t care if it was Assad who used these chemical weapons. I’m tired of regime change. I’m tired of war.”
“When have we ever turned a Third World dictatorship into a paradise?”

Ann Coulter continued to blast the Trump drive for war in Syria, reverting to other misguided US “regime change” operations…

“But this, again, is not the first time we’ve had a Reichstag fire for some pointless war.”
“In the Gulf War, famously we were told that Iraqi troops were rushing in and throwing — always the babies, it’s always the children — taking babies out of Kuwaiti hospitals and pulling them out of incubators and throwing them on the floor.”
“[We were shown] congressional testimony from an alleged nurse who witnessed this, an eyewitness herself, and then people looked at her and said, wait a second that’s not a nurse that’s the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter, and it was, the whole thing was a hoax.”
“It turns out that weapons of mass destruction — and you and I had other reasons for wanting to fight the Iraq war, though I don’t think I do it again knowing that Obama would come in and give away our victory — but the weapons of mass destruction was played up not by you and me but by people in the administration, ‘a slam-dunk case.’”
“We have been lied to over and over in cases like this and I do not think [Trump’s attack on Syria] shows toughness, I think it shows everything Trump’s enemies said about him — that he’s erratic, that he’s emotional, that he’s desperate for approval — it wasn’t because they violated some some horrible, you know, laws of war and humanity.”
“I’ve never understood why it is so much worse to die by a chemical than to have your head shot off, or to have your head chopped off. A half a million people have died already, this was 70 people, it makes no sense, whether or not he did it.”
Coulter correctly points out that…“Assad is better than the people he’s fighting.”