Armenian political crisis

Tuesday, 1 May, 2018 - 20:31

After the special meeting in Armenia the National assembly couldn't elect the new prime minister. The only candidate was the oppositionist Nicol Pashinyan, who promessed the simplification of a visa regime between Armenia and the European Union and close relationship with USA.

For a victory Pashinyan needed at least 53 voices, however he got only 45 deputies votes, and 56 of them were against him.

According to the constitution of Armenia, if the parliament doesn't elect the prime minister, the procedure is repeated in one week with new candidates.


Meanwhile in streets of Yerevan there are crowds of people. 13th April protests have begun, the 17th April Pashinyan announced the "Velvet Revolution", the 23th April Serzh Sargsyan who was elected as the prime minister has been forced to refuse a position.