Combining breakthrough technologies with the Russian cultural code

Wednesday, 9 October, 2019 - 22:39

"This is a grand initiative that is able to rally around itself outstanding and venerable artists and completely unknown.This is a huge creative laboratory. The difference between these open scenes is that it is a historical place, not a marginal factory, rebuilt under the schools of Western design.This is a very Russian initiative, but at the same time it is open and global. Russian Theater, Stanislavsky Theater - a dialogue with all cultures "
- noted Dugin.

The open scenes of the Moscow Art Theater, on the one hand, follow the global cultural trend towards the creation of universal cultural clusters. On the other hand, the project paves its own special path in today's postmodern reality, combining breakthrough technologies with the Russian cultural code, Russian self-consciousness. Innovation plus archaic, tradition plus postmodernism - this is the meaning of the cluster that the theater creates, which at the beginning of the 20th century was ultra-progressive, and today seeks to combine search with fidelity to heritage, ”Boyakov described the project.

This has never happened before. We must love, understand, learn to appreciate, decode Russian culture. These sites are of great importance to us. They are really open. Come all, regardless of your beliefs. This is what we fundamentally lacked. There was no such initiative for 30 years. Thanks to the Moscow Art Theater and Open Scenes, this appeared, ”added Dugin.