Donetsk: Sitrep of military actions for the last 24 hours

Ukrainian fighters started congratulating DPR soldiers with Defender’s day on 22nd February with escalation of military actins. Checkpoint in Yasinovataya was shelled at about 6 pm, the hostility subjected to shelling village Octyabrskiy and airport also.

On the eve of 23rd February since 8.30 pm was intensive battle close to the road traffic checkpoint in Yasinovataya. Both small arms and artillery was head, and probably tanks. It seems that Ukiees have plan to break throw again. The entire Yasinovataya heard explosions.

North of Gorlovka. Zaytsevo. UAF are trying to reach northern suburbs of Gorlovka by their foot troops.

Ukrainian fighters started shelling the Donetsk airport territory at 2 pm. According to the preliminary data, the hostility used mortars of 82 mm caliber.

Sounds of war were heard in all districts of Donetsk.

Ukrainian fighters started shelling village Octyabrskiy in the Kuybishevskiy district of Donetsk at 8.40 pm. Shells landed near the petrol station. Altogether, the hostility launched 45 mines at the village Octyabrskiy.

The entire western front was trebling because of explosions: Mariinka, Staromihaylovka, Volvo-Center, Peski, Spartak, Gorlovka. Ukrainian nationalistic battalions used all possible armament, 6 massive explosions were in Staromihaylovka yesterday at 10 pm. The intensity is growing.

‘If Kiev goes on the offensive, we will go on counteroffensive. We will see where it ends…’