Dugin: In France the battle is lost, the war is not

Sunday, 7 May, 2017 - 22:03

Alexander Dugin about the results of the 2nd round of the presidential elections in France:

"Marine Le Pen lost the elections. Globalist Macron won. Transnational (and transgender) elites defeated the People. Welcome to Hell! The fall continues. Defeat of the People is our defeat. And the blow must be taken as a blow. It makes no sense to grumble: "We said ..." Life - including political life, and political life in the first place - is a war. The battle is lost, but the war is not. Everything is ahead. The world's scum  will not give up and try to drag the whole of humanity into the abyss. But we do not lose our hands. Now it is clear that Resistance with necessity must be global. After all, the enemy is global.
The old parties are virtually destroyed. There are neither right nor left. There are the People and Elites, Europeans and the global financial oligarchy. Marine performed perfectly. She is henceforth the ideological pole of the Resistance.
Since Macron fundamentally can not do anything, and the crisis will only deepen, now, without losing a minute, we must prepare for the next stage of our common struggle - for France, Europe and mankind.Our name is Marine Le Pen!"