Dugin meets Serbian Minister of Defence A.Vulin

Tuesday, 26 November, 2019 - 13:14

In Beograd leader of Eurasian Movement A>Dugin has meet 26.11.2019 Minister of Defense of Serbia Mr. Alexander Vulin. Together they have visited the exhibition of the 20 years of Serbian genocide by NATO killers.

Dugins commentaries were emotions:

Mr. Alexander Vulin is deep, wise and brave man. He was very deeply touched by the artefacts of exibition shown brutal atrocities of NATO.

Blood of innocent children, of civilians, of women and elders, of heroic soldiers of sacred Serbia -- all that we will never forget and never forgive.

Sometimes they say Russians and Serbians are alike. I think sometimes Serbians are somehow better...

The shame for traitor Eltsine. The cold crime of the Western hypocrites is disgusting as are their disfigured with hatred faces. We will certainly revenge. I've made many predictions in the field of geopolitics that proved to be correct -- with time. So I clearly see in the future the revival of dear tragic and beautiful Serbia -- proud, free and great. I foresee the return of king Lazar and eternal Serbian ancestors coming with Krstna Slava. They could win the body but Serbian soul and heart never.

Damn NATO. Damn Clinton. Damn globalists. Damn Soros. Damn BHL. You will repent.

Once you will cry over the smoking ruins of what you for certain time thought to be "your world". No. The world it is not yours. Kosovo je Srbija and always will be.

Ја ћу дати живот, отаџбино моја,

Знајући шта дајем и зашто га дајем.