F. William Engdahl talks about CIA's Graham E. Fuller involvement in the Coup

Thursday, 4 August, 2016 - 16:15

F. William Engdahl talks about CIA's Graham E. Fuller involvement in the Coup in an interview to Katehon:

The coup backfired enormously because most Gulenists are not confident military strategists. The effort also collapsed because the CIA’s men tried to run it all. Former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council of the CIA, Graham E. Fuller, was on Princess Island 20 minutes from Istanbul the entire night of the coup, monitoring developments until the coup collapsed.
Fuller himself was the mentor of Fethullah Gulen’s worldwide operation. He even said in one of his books: “Now that the Cold War is over, let us use Islam against Russia and China because it worked so well in Afghanistan.” This man was the puppet master who gave the green light for Gulen all these years even after the objection of the US State Department in 2007 who said that he was financed by the CIA. All of this is documented.

Background on This from Katehon:

The NATO footprint in the unsuccessful attempt in the Turkish coup is too obvious. The most active part in the coup was the Air Force, the branch most closely integrated into NATO structures. Rebels used the NATO base of Incirlik . The head of the conspiracy - Gülen has long lived in the United States and worked for the CIA. The day before, at the base of Incirlik, a mass protest was held. Demonstrators came up with the anti-NATO and anti-American slogans. The idea of ​​NATO's exit received strong support in Turkish society. If the country's leadership will decide to reinforce this step, it will be the biggest defeat of Atlanticism in the last thirty years.

The military coup has obvious geopolitical implications. It comes after a sharp reversal in the direction of the relations of Turkey and Russia and changes on the Syrian issue made by the country's leaders . On last eve Binali Yildirim said that Turkey intends to restore relations with official Damascus. In essence, this would mean a radical change of the whole geopolitical situation on the Syrian issue and the collapse of the US strategy in the region. Before that Erdogan removed Ahmet Davutoglu from the country's leadership.  US realized that Erdogan decided to change the geopolitical course. United States decided to act and use their networks of influence in military circles, to initiate a coup.