The fighter from the American aircraft carrier sent to Korea fell into the sea

Friday, 21 April, 2017 - 20:50

In the Sulawesi Sea in Southeast Asia, between Indonesia and the Philippines, the F / A-18E Super Hornet fighter bomber crashed from the American aircraft carrier "Carl Vinson" (USS Carl Vinson), aimed towards the Korean peninsula against the background of the worsening situation around Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

As confirmed by representatives of the US Navy, a catastrophe happened when the flew to the aircraft carrier. The pilot managed to safely catapult to the sea, where he was picked up by a rescue helicopter from an aircraft carrier.

The statement of the Seventh Fleet of the US Navy reported that it was a "routine flight" during the crossing of the Sulawesi Sea.

The group led by USS Carl Vinson is heading for the Korean Peninsula amid serious tension due to Pyongyang's nuclear and missile tests. The aircraft carrier is accompanied by an anti-submarine ship equipped with the Aegis system to track and intercept missiles.