Former Putin’s Aide: Coronavirus is the US biological weapon

Friday, 13 March, 2020 - 17:37

An economist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Glazyev is sure that the novel coronavirus is man-made. He declared that on the air of the Russia “Tsargrad” TV channel.

“The picture is painfully familiar,” he describes the situation, adding that in many ways it is similar to 2014.

“The same beneficiaries: financial speculators. The same conductors are from across the ocean, ”- said the expert on the program.- “Americans…have a full arsenal of biological weapons. And this manifestation of the US hybrid warfare against the economic sectors they do not control is perfectly understandable and logical. ”

Of course, the coronavirus was also detected in the United States itself, but one can recall that the British, who provoked Hitler at the beginning of World War II, became mass victims of the bombing of German aircraft, the expert emphasized.

The elite is in principle insured against this. At the same time, the American ruling elite is also armed not only with information technology, but also with a biological weapon, which continues to develop contrary to all international obligations. In addition, the American elite has a huge arsenal for manipulating international financial markets.


“Primitive Malthusian ideas still prevail there, one can constantly hear that there are too many humanity, that the planet, they say, cannot survive so many people, and so on. Therefore, they die today, you look, mostly people of the yellow race, so to speak. This is China, Korea, Japan. Among Europeans, such a tragic fate befell people with reduced immunity, the elderly, who are traditionally regarded as ballast for this ideology of the "golden billion",- Sergey Glazyev stated.