Frauke Petri refused to lead an "Alternative for Germany" in the elections

Thursday, 20 April, 2017 - 19:54

The leader of the German right-conservative party "Alternative for Germany" Frauke Petri will not stand for election to the Bundestag. This is reported by the German newspaper Die Welt. According to the publication, the most likely reason for such a step is a conflict inside the party.

Petri is associated with the transition of the "Alternative for Germany" from moderate Euroskepticism to a tough opposition to the liberal status quo: supporting the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions, opposing the suicidal migration policy of Merkel, strengthening ties with other radical Eurosceptics: the French National Front, the Italian League of the North , The Austrian Freedom Party and others.

In the next weekend, April 22-23 in Cologne, the general congress of the party will take place, which will determine the strategy for conducting the election campaign on the eve of the September 2, 2017 elections to the Bundestag. Most likely, in Cologne a candidate who will lead the party list of "AfG" will be determined.