Hollande announced the mobilization of the operational reserve in France

Wednesday, 20 July, 2016 - 15:15

French President Francois Hollande announced the mobilization of the operational reserve of 10 thousand military and police. This order is justified strengthening of measures to maintain security after the terrorist attacks in Nice.

Background on the Nice attack from Katehon:

An identity card belonging to 31-year-old man with dual French-Tunisian nationality was found also. The owner's name is not disclosed. Whether it was the driver's papers, is still unknown.
The identity of the driver is not installed, Hollande said, speaking on television.

According to experts of the analytical center Katehon attacks in France are associated with changes in the geopolitical balance in Europe after the referendum on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union. The United States use its proxies Islamists against continental Europe, when European chances to gain geopolitical independence increased significantly after the British people voted for Brexit. It was demonstrated by the NATO summit in Warsaw, in which France took the most moderate position towards Russia.

The purpose of the attacks - to sow fear in the community and enhance American control over Europe by appealing to the need for closer cooperation with the US in the field of security.