Kiev Neo-Nazi agressor knife attacked and hospitalized

Tuesday, 6 September, 2016 - 15:45

The neo-Nazi Vatily Regor was stabbed 8 times with a knife in the center of Kiev, reports.

The first video posted in one Euromaidan group on Facebook raised questions. The footage showed a bloodied young man in a camouflage uniform lying on his back answering questions:

“Who did this?”

“Separatists did it…”

“Who are you?”

“Vitaly Gigorevich Regor, I’m dying”

“We’ve called an ambulance for you, we’ve called the police. Do you have any description [of the perpetrator]?”

“Yes, a beard, I’m dying.”

He then started to pray, asking forgiveness for his sins, and said that he is cold. He then voiced something which made the video look less convincing: “Glory to Ukraine!” These words made social network users doubt the authenticity of the clip.

However, a bit later, another video was published, this time one from surveillance cameras. In the video, it is visible that a man came to a young man in military uniform and struck him several times, after which he quickly fled. One passerby tried to catch him.

If both of these video are not fake, then this might be the same Vitaly Regor, the Ukrainian neo-Nazi who attacked participants in the “Forgotten Regiment March” on May 9th. Then, he tore a St. George Ribbon off of a woman trying to protect her little daughter, Nastya. In May of this year, she became a symbol of the resistance of ordinary Ukrainians to the new trends incited by the Kiev authorities, according to which being proud of one’s past is not only prohibited - it is simply dangerous.

Regor then presented himself to Ukrainian journalists as a “patriot of independent Ukraine” whose grandfather “fought against the Russians” in the “SS Galician Brigade.” He claims he is now continuing his ancestor’s “glorious” cause in the ATO zone.

The Ukrainian TV channcel “1+1” has confirmed the authenticity of these clips. “This is not the first time that they [separatists] have attacked with knives,” the website reads, “The present attack occurred at the bust stop on 68 Victory Street. Regor received eight stab wounds and is in the intensive care of hospital #17. His spleen has been removed and his lungs and right hand are severely damaged.”

On VKontakte, Vitaly Regor calls himself by the name of the German Field Marshall General Erwin Rommel.