Machete Attack In Germany - pregnant Polish woman dead, 2 more wounded

Monday, 25 July, 2016 - 14:15

A 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested on Sunday after killing a pregnant Polish woman with a machete in Germany, the fourth violent assault on civilians in western Europe in 10 days, though police said it did not appear linked to terrorism.

Another woman and a man were also injured in the attack.

This was the fourth violent assault on civilians in western Europe in 10 days. The string of tragic events continue almost non-stop.

The victim and her attacker both worked at the same Turkish fast-food restaurant close to where the argument took place, German media reported.

Background on recent events in Germany from Katehon:

The attack in the Bavarian train demonstrates the failure of the EU and Germany's migration policy, in particular. Thousands of Islamists arrived in Europe together with the refugees. In addition, the Wahhabi network exists among migrants who are second and third generation. Liberal ideology, according to which the identity of migrants is of no importance, and prioritizes above all the fact of their membership in the human race ( "human rights"), merely panders to attract the new masses of third world countries who are hostile to the norms that dominate modern European society.