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Alexander Dugin about the results of the 2nd round of the presidential elections in France:

He reigned from 218 to 222 d. C.

The protests in France, symbolized by yellow vests, cover an increasingly large part of society. Political experts have already called this movement...

Rumors about the predilection of Emmanuel Macron to drugs seem to be confirmed. The hacked correspondence of Makron's campaign headquarters contains...

The expression “Mai 68” covers two distinct phenomena. The one that remains in our memories the most is of course the student revolt, but too often...

Chief of Staff of the GAF Giorgi Tsabadze and Commander of Georgian Air Forces Sergo Ninua have resigned because of the outbreak of the information...

Geopolitical profile of the country

The bulldozer goes into action, moves inexorably and hits with the hardness of steel the wall of the church of Saint Lambert, a small Catholic temple...

“The word Revolution is not, for us French, a vague word. We know that the Revolution is a rupture, the Revolution is an absolute. There is no...

Will the Real Fake-Newsers Please Stand Up? Justifiable concern about ‘fake news’ is being used by mainstream media outlets to produce fake news.

 Part of the blood that flows through the veins of the Southern ethnos is French blood, both of the high-born that settled in places like New Orleans...

The 1st  round of presidential elections showed out that the classical parties (socialists and the republicans) were thrown out of the real political...

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