Maduro Thinks that Columbia Wants to Start a War against Venezuela

Sunday, 17 June, 2018 - 11:36
According to the EFE press agency, the Venezuelan president has turned to his country’s military with a call to stop the plans of Columbian leader Juan Manuel Santos. 
Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has accused his Colombian colleague Juan Manuel Santos of attempts to start an armed conflict, an accusation which he aired on Friday at an appearance before a group of military officials. 
"A series of actions and provocations of a military character (both on Columbian as well as Venezuelan territory) with the aim of provoking an armed conflict between our countries is being prepared by the Columbian government led by [president] Juan Manuel Santos”, - EFE reports. 
According to the agency, Maduro has turned to the military with a call to stop Santos’ plans. 
Recently, Bogota and Caracas’ mutual accusations against each other have become harsher. Colombia and its leader sharply criticise the Venezuelan government and the person of president Maduro because of persecutions faced by the Venezuelan opposition and the failure of the neighbouring state’s social policy. 
Translated by Yulian Orlov.