Manchester suicide-bomber family supposedly cooperated with UK intelligence agencies against Gaddafi

Wednesday, 24 May, 2017 - 18:12

The executor of the terrorist attack in Manchester, which claimed the lives of 22 people became Salman Abedi, a native of a family of Libyan political emigrants, the British media reported. According to their information, his parents fled the Gaddafi regime to Britain. After the overthrow of the Libyan leader (to which the British authorities contributed), they returned to their homeland. Years before the terrorist attack, Abadi also visited Libya, where he trained with local terrorists. His parents worked in the organs of the Libyan state security before fleeing to Britain and, most likely, cooperated with the special services of this country.

Among the neighbors of the Abadi family, there are the Libyans from the Libyan Islamic militant group/ They are extremists who were also sheltered by the United Kingdom and are untouched by British security services despite their extremist nature.