New Poll shows - Wales would now vote to stay in the EU

Tuesday, 5 July, 2016 - 18:15

Welsh voters now support staying in the EU, as the new poll shows.

An ITV Wales/Cardiff University YouGov poll display that Welsh voters would vote Remain by 53% and Leave by 47% if there was a second EU referendum.

"In short, there is not much overall change,"  stated Professor Roger Scully, of Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre.

"But that which has occurred is in the direction of growing support for the idea of the UK remaining in the EU - about a six percentage point swing in this direction since the referendum."

Background on this from Katehon:

For example, while the Welsh and Scotts (and people of Northern Ireland as well) are pro-EU, most English are against the Union. If England were to have its own Parliament, it would be highly Eurosceptic with new radical parties gaining power as it was in Scotland and Wales in similar situations, and would thus enter into conflict with those of Wales and Scotland. This issue demonstrates that the peoples of the UK see their futures differently, thus aggravating the situation in the country. The economic benefits associated with membership in EU are themselves highly disputable, even in the cases of Wales and Scotland.

Thus, support for the EU is a deliberately political choice on their parts. And this is the main cause for concern. If it were otherwise, separatist parties would not have received such support.