North Korea demonstrated intercontinental missiles capable of reaching the US land

Saturday, 15 April, 2017 - 12:33

On the military parade in Pyongyang North Korea showed its new intercontinental ballistic missiles and other newest military equipment.

The DPRK first showed anti-aircraft missile systems installed on tanks. A new MLRS with a caliber of 300 mm, which debuted at the 2015 parade, was passed. There was also a new 170-mm self-propelled artillery installation (ACS). Demonstration of 300-mm MLRS and 170-mm ACS, which have a greater range in terms of artillery, the DPRK, most likely, makes it clear that it can strike at the capital region of South Korea.

The parade was attended by a new women's unit, which went in white. These were parts of chemical forces. These are the parts that deal with the reprocessing and storage of weapons-grade plutonium and uranium. It seems that Pyongyang makes it clear that it will to continue the most active development of the nuclear program
North Koreans also demonstrated new ballistic missiles: the Musudan systems, the Pukykson-1 and Puukykson-2 ballistic missiles based on submarines (in translation - the Polar Star), as well as the SCUD-ER missiles. "Pukykson" and SCAD-ER. These missiles are designed to overcome the US missile defense THAAD located in South Korea and Japan.

The biggest surprise for the world was the last two missile systems. Their estimated range exceeds 6,000 km. Thus, the range of these missiles covers all of Korea, China, Japan and even the Philippines. The nearest territory of the United States is the island of Guam, the largest American base in the Pacific Ocean. However, these missiles cannot reach nor a mainland part of the USA, nor Hawaii Islands.