Oman denies smuggling weapons to Yemen

Friday, 21 October, 2016 - 09:00

Saudi coalition, the United States and Britain have accused Oman to assist in delivering weapons to Yemeni rebels. The members of Coalition declared that though Oman didn’t directly conduct in smuggling, but it turned a blind eye to the use of its border territory for these purposes. In particular, according to their words, there was a flow of weapons from Iran to Yemen.

The Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs categorically rejected these affirmations. The Ministry stated: «It’s untrue. This report has no basis. No weapons cross Omani territories to Yemen… The issues have been discussed with the Coalition countries, the US and the UK and have been refuted».

Bin Alawi, the Foreign Affairs Minister added: «If there is any doubt, Oman is ready to clarify to our brothers in Saudi Arabia».