Possible impeachment of Francois Hollande

Friday, 11 November, 2016 - 09:30

Members of France’s rightwing opposition call for the president’s impeachment following revelations that Francois Hollande had disclosed classified information to journalists in his book with an interesting title «The president should not have said that ...».

Moreover, in this book Hollande also reported that he had ordered assassinations for some security reasons and had revealed some details of plans to destroy targets held by the regime of al-Assad after allegations that the Syrian leader bombed civilians with chemical weapons.

François Fillon, the former prime minister said: «I think the president is disqualified».

Moreover, Pierre Lellouche, Republican MP has started a process to activate Article 68 of the French constitution, which allowing parliament to impeach the president. Besides, Eric Ciotti, another Republican MP has formally requested prosecutors to investigate a potential breach of security.