Prime Minister of Slovakia: Sanctions hurt the EU

Friday, 26 August, 2016 - 16:30

After the  meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico has once again confirmed its position on the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions. "Personally, I believe that the time has come to look at the sanctions from a rational point of view and say that they are harmful to both the EU and Russia, they did not bring absolutely no benefit for the solution of problems that have been affected." - He said on the social network.

Recall that Slovakia now occupies the post of EU coordinator. It will determine the policy of the EU in the near half of the year.

Also today, during a meeting of the Visegrad Group, which includes, except for Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Robert Fico meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Perhaps the question of lifting the sanctions will also be raised, because the last similar statement was made Czech President Milos Zeman. Hungary refused to automaticly renew the sanctions a few months ago.

Background from Katehon:

Slovakia is one of Russia's closest partners among Eastern European countries. Under Prime Minister Fico, the ruling SMER party has pursued an independent policy in the EU and NATO. In particular, Slovakia is opposed to the stationing of NATO bases on its territory and opposes EU plans to introduce quotas for settling migrants in all EU countries. Robert Fico was in favor of lifting sanctions against Russia.