Protests Expected in Tunisia after Mass Arrests

Saturday, 13 January, 2018 - 14:45

The protests broke out after the government's announcement of austerity measures in this year's budget, which took effect on January 1. At least one person was killed in the western city of Tebourba on Monday and scores more injured as violence flared in some areas.

Protesters torched government buildings, looted shops and blocked roads, prompting the army to deploy some 2,100 troops to different parts of the country.

Khelifa Chibani, a spokesman for the interior ministry, told Tunisia's press agency TAP on Friday that the protests appeared to be subsiding.

At least 151 people were arrested on charges of vandalism and looting on Thursday, he was quoted as saying by TAP.

Tunisia's main opposition Popular Front has meanwhile called for demonstrations through the week.

Protests are expected to continue through January 14, the anniversary marking the removal of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the country's former president.