Ramzan Kadyrov stated that Pro-Western generals want Erdogan out for his foreign policy changes

Monday, 18 July, 2016 - 18:15

The attempt at a military coup in Turkey might be the result of certain groups among the Turkish elite’s desire to punish Erdogan for pursuing independent policies. Such an opinion was expressed by the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.

“Despite all the ambiguity in Erdogan’s behavior, he still to a certain extent began to pursue policies more independent from the West in evaluating processes ongoing in the region. It is possible that pro-Western generals don’t like this,” Kadyrov believes.

The Chechen leader pointed to how “Turkish generals have become accustomed to interfering in politics and dictating domestic and foreign policy course to the country’s leadership.”

“Every such attempt has come from military men oriented towards the West,” he added.

Kadyrov emphasized that Turko-Russian relations have begun to level out.

“Turkey is our closest neighbor, a country with which we have close economic, cultural, and humanitarian ties. Recently, thanks to the consistent, solid, and well-calibrated policy pursued by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the current trend is further strengthening of business and other ties with Turkey,” the head of Chechnya said.

“We have lived through many revolutions. We know by our own experience that any military coup leads to serious consequences. We wish the brotherly people of Turkey a quick restoration of peace and stability,” Kadyrov added.