Rodrigo Duterte: I would eat a terrorist with vinegar and salt

Sunday, 23 April, 2017 - 19:07

The Philippine leader said that he would eat the liver of a terrorist, seasoning it with vinegar and salt.

- Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte responded to provocations in his address. According to the president, if his liberal critics want to see him as an animal, he will certainly fulfill their wishes. At the conclusion of his speech, Dutherte joked that he was ready to eat the liver of the famous terrorist, the leader of Abu Sayyaf, the Associated Press reports.
"We are the same. I can do 50 times more evil than you do, "said Rodrigo Duterte.
Also, the president said that if he was not in the mood, and he met a member of a terrorist group, he, without hesitation, would eat it with vinegar and salt.
A a week earlier, the Philippine Armed Forces reported the liquidation of one of the most influential terrorists of our time, the leader of the banned organization Abu Sayyaf

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