Russia celebrates the Unity Day

Friday, 4 November, 2016 - 10:45

The Unity Day which commemorated the end of the Time of Troubles, celebrated today in Russia. In addition, November 4th is honored by Theotokos of Kazan.

«The Unity Day, the holiday of honoring Our Lady of Kazan is an absolute Russian feast. This is a feast of the restored sovereignty, finding our essence, the celebration of Victory and Independence», is according to the philosopher Alexander Dugin.

As a tradition, both secular and religious celebrations are being held throughout the whole country during this day.

Patriarch Kirill held the All-night vigil in the Epiphany Cathedral at Yelokhovo, in Moscow, where the particularly revered Icon of the Theotokos of Kazan is kept, created in the XVII century, and which was firstly in the Kazan Cathedral on Red Square. A lot of believers had a chance to venerate the relic.

Before the All-night vigil the Patriarch had met with young pilgrims from Ukraine, which are making a journey to Russian holy places. Children gave their drawings and embroidery to the Patriarch.

Welcoming guests, Patriarch Kirill said: "Dear children! I bless each of you. I would like to cordially thank you. It is a great pleasure for me that you have come to Moscow to pay homage to the Theotokos of Kazan. I feel a touch of the Ukrainian sun and the beauty of Ukrainian land, in those songs you are so wonderfully performing».

This meeting, which took place during the Unity Day, has become deeply symbolic.

Today the Patriarch is planning to hold the Divine Liturgy in the Cathedral of the Dormition and to participate in other celebrations.