Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Centre: Another Diplomatic Visit to the RSHC

Thursday, 20 July, 2017 - 21:52
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Centre published a note on its Facebook page on recent visits of the diplomats to the Centre.

“The representative of the US Embassy to The Republic of Serbia visited RSHC last week, for the first time in three years. He has been there, has looked around, asked. We've showed him everything. After his visit, the RSHC sent statement to the media – which was short and objective. But, we've received an unexpected answer that “Centre's statement is not in accordance with the US Embassy and it does not reflect its point of view.”

On July 18th, we showed again our openness and hospitality. RSHC was paid a visit by military ataches of three embassies – Austrian, Swiss and Polish – Thomas Ahammer, Lars Vejlstrup and Zbigniew Rosinski.

We've held a briefing, answered the questions, showed presentations and slides from the training fields of the Centre – for more than three hours. Diplomats from Europe got the information on the contribution of the Centre in preventing and removing the consequences of natural disasters in Serbia and in Balkans, on legal basis of the RSHC work, activities which are directed to the improvement of the training fields and training in general as well as about delivery of the new equipment which is to supply the stocks of the Centre and of the training facility and field “Sturm”.The guests have asked the questions about the activities of safeguads, conducting of practical courses and lessons for local experts and volunters, but also paid attention to our dog – Alypa.

As it has become a custom already, many questions were about Electronic centre, on sappers' squad and about plans for future development of the RSHC.

It was not the first visit to the centre by the diplomats from Austria and Switzerland. They were present in 2014, when the Centre was visited by Serbian Interior Minister Stefanović – they attended the briefing and training then. Now, they've got the opportunity to see the changes which emerged in Centre. They followed up the situation with fire in the Adriatic coast in the real time, with the RSHC's experts.

The doors of RSHC are open and we expect the visit of the other representatives of diplomatic missions, humanitarian organizations and people from the emergency situations from the region.”