Serbian Olympic Committee and Soros

Sunday, 21 August, 2016 - 17:00

Vlade Divac is well-known Serbian basket ball player, although he has spent the most of his career in NBA league in the USA. Now he is the president of the Olympic Committee of Serbia. He does not stop surprising the Serbian public by some very strange gestures, mostly directed against his state and organization he is the head of.
Divac has signed the consent on behalf of the Olympic Committee of Serbia that Kosovo does not have to be a part of Serbian Olympic team – actually, that it can be represented separately according to its own organization.

Although Vlade Divac was denying for a long time that he would do such a thing and that the only way, if Kosovo team would not be a part of Serbian Olympic team would be, then, it would be presented under the Olympic flag. However, when it was asked, he signed the document on Serbia's consent to Kosovo appears alone at the Olympics.
Before the start of the Olympic Games in Rio, Divac insulted the Serbian national basketball team during his stay in the United States - defended the US basketball team and said that Americans will “break Serbs”.

Recently hacked information on who Soros finances in Serbia show that Vlade Divac's private foundation was on the list for donations and received USD 2,5 million, approximately at the same time when he signed consent (on behalf of Serbian Olympic Committee) on participation of separatist, terrorist, self-proclamed state Kosovo at the Olympic Games.
The website of Divac's foundation visibly shows cooperation with commercial banks, but also the cooperation with USAID is outlined on the home page.

One of the few logical explanations for such despicable behavior of the President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia could be the possession of a US passport and commitments to the United States. In this case, it would be necessary to examine whether Vlade Divac is in the conflict of interest and whether he meets all the requirements to be president of the Serbian Olympic Committee.