Uniting with Russia benefits Turkey, an expert says

Tuesday, 28 May, 2019 - 17:21

Hulusi Akar, Turkey’s Minister of Defence, didn’t specify the dates of delivery and settlement of Russian S-400, surface-to-air missile system, but the $2,5 billion deal is imminent. The alliance between Putin and Erdoğan, settled in September 2017, expected to see S-400 delivered in Turkey in 2020, but after two leaders met in April 2019, it was suggested to advance the process.

Russia offers 4 “Triumph” ADMSs, 40N6 missiles, educating Turkish specialists and 55% payment, whereas Turkey might abandon military trade with the USA. Washington can’t turn a blind eye on it: their threats start at refusal to deliver new generation planes F-35 and end at pulling out a full-scale economical conflict. However, the experts say even if the USA applies sanctions against Turkey, the country will continue to defend their national interests. Uniting with Eurasia countries kills two birds in one stone: territorial and economical.

 «Turkey has nothing to fear»

Since Turkey is a member of NATO, the deal with Russia makes them first to trade with a country that doesn’t have a membership. In 2017, when negotiations just started, experts would hold to a notion that Turkey wasn’t going to come to settlement with Russia, and their true intentions were to show NATO the ability to head in their own direction. Even though Turkey is defending the country’s national interests and, theoretically, has the right to make trade alliances with a country without NATO-membership, Washington doesn’t seem happy with the idea. Nevertheless, it doesn’t prevent them from backing Syrian Kurds, whom Turkey is waging a war against. Yet, application of sanctions from the USA to Turkey would mean intensified tensions among NATO members, which doesn’t work for the USA. Besides, as Mehmet Perinçek, Turkish historian, implies, the USA are weak and can’t press Turkey the way they did before.

“There are three reasons the USA are dangerous for Turkey. First, they support the Kurd separatists. Secondly, they stage drills alongside Greece and South Cyprus. Moreover, three years ago the USA was the one to back upheaval in Turkey. They won’t leave the attempts to press the country, but losing the Middle East and Iraq, the inability to topple Assad and to attack the North Korea proves the States’ weakness. Turkey has nothing to fear”.

 «Buying S-400 is a policy decision»

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, explained the Russia deal with incapability to settle the trade deal to buy military machinery from the USA. It included “Patriot” ADMS, the deal was estimated in $3,5 billions, yet Turkey strived to cease the price due to economic situation – as a result, negotiations were lasting for ten years. The “need of the moment” made Turkey call for another options – and Russia was present on the spot to offer the advantageous deal. 

“Russia benefits from Turkey’s swiping alliance from Atlantism to Eurasia, - Perinçek told Geopolitica.com. – Turkey buys S-400 not only because this ADMS has the best characteristics, but also as a policy decision. Delivering armory to Kurds and considering them the main land alliances, the USA imposes a threat to the territorial integrity of Turkey. Making an alliance with Eurasian countries – including Russia – Turkey solves both economical and national security issues”.


It doesn’t mean Turkey will abandon trade union with The USA, but Türkiey, the Turkish newspaper, sees it as driving the USA into a tight spot: “If the military operation occurs, it will be hard for the American to back Kurds due to the increased risk of losing aircrafts with S-400 around”. With processing the deal, Russia not only helps Turkey to defend their national interests, but deprives Trump of a chance to press Erdoğan, which can affect the USA’s NATO position.