Unvaccinated Israelis will be denied entry to synagogue or anywhere with 100+ people, says PM Bennett

Thursday, 22 July, 2021 - 21:51

Israelis who refuse the Covid-19 vaccine will soon be barred from any indoor or outdoor public venue holding 100 or more people, including synagogues, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has announced.
Those who refuse to get vaccinated “are undermining the efforts of all of us,” Bennett announced on Thursday, as the number of new coronavirus cases in Israel continued to rise. If everyone gets the vaccine, life can return to normal, but if a million people refuse the other eight million will have to endure lockdowns, he said.

“There’s a time when this discussion has to stop,” Bennett told the nation. “Science is clear: the vaccines work, they’re effective, they’re safe.”

As of August 8, Bennett announced, anyone who refuses to get vaccinated will no longer be allowed at any venue “above 100 people, both indoor and outdoor” – including theaters, sporting events, and houses of worship. To enter, people will have to show proof of vaccination, proof they had Covid-19 and recovered, or a negative test, obtained at their own expense.

Source: RT