US Embassy in Macedonia coordinated Zaev and Albanians in Thursday events

Saturday, 29 April, 2017 - 10:13

As Macedonian sources state – US embassy in Skopje was very informed about the yesterday's developments – if not being their coordinator. It is also stated that drills connected to securing US Ambassadors' residence (Bailey) with marines included, also took place yesterday.

US embassy did not lose time yesterday to recognize the new Parliamentary speaker Talat Xhaferi, although his election violated Parliamentary procedures. Carl Bildt also did not lose time, in the morning of 28th of April urging EU to recognize the new speaker Xhaferi.

Opposition parties (Zaev's SDS and Albanian parties) refusal to attend the meeting and consultations called by President's Ivanov can be interpreted that they did not have enough time to consult or receive instructions from their Western bosses, or it might be that it is their intentional contribution in deepening political crisis – the resignation of the Minister of Interior can also go along with that.

Some Macedonian analysts states that yesetrday's meeting of Johannes Hann and George Soros are connected to developments in Skopje. They also say that Zaev's and Albanians' plan was to make victims of themselves. Macedonian analysts expect that foreign influence will not disappear and that they will try to organize their followers (Soros paid and confused people) to perform different kind of activities on their behalf, as long as Macedonian people do not accept Tyrana's Platform and Western chosen candidates for the Government and Parliament posts.

It is also known, as Zoran Zaev admitted in TV programme, that he instructed his own guard to shoot in the air in order to trigger even more atrocities within the parliamentary building.

The situation in Macedonia is still tensed and not promising in the sense of calming and any resolution if it would not be useful for Soros, NATO, EU and USA.