Friday, 15 June, 2018 - 12:18

In a message from the US State Department it is said, that Washington is “worried by the coming operations of the Syrian government in the country’s south-eastern region that fall within the boundaries of the de-escalation zone that was agreed upon by the US, Jordan, and Russian Federation and confirmed by presidents (Donald) Trump and (Vladimir) Putin in November in Danang (Vietnam).”  

The State Department declared, that any actions by Bashir Assad’s government in this region could lead to a widening of the conflict. “We confirm once again that the US will take decisive and necessary measures to answer the Syrian government’s violations in this region”, - the agency’s representatives threatened.  

The State Department has also stated, that an offensive by Assad’s army would “challenge US initiatives” that “have, until now, been successful”. 

We remind the reader, that Syrian president Bashar Assad had earlier declared that a scenario for the liberation of the south of the country was not yet clear: both peaceful and coercive solutions were possible. The bone of contention is formed by the following territories: Dera, El-Quneitra Suveydu, and settlements along the border with Israel and Jordan. These locations are all part of the de-escalation zone that was formed in July 2017 by Russia, the US, and Jordan. 

Earlier, as was reported by RIA Novosti, a message from a military-diplomatic source was received concerning combatants from “Djabhat Al-Nusra” (a terrorist organisation that is banned in Russia) and the “Free Syrian Army” broadening the territories under their control in Southern Syria, in order to create an autonomous region under US patronage.  

Translated by Yulian Orlov