The US placed the telescope in Australia for spying on China

Sunday, 23 October, 2016 - 17:45

The telescope, located in The Southern United States, will go into ownership by the Air Force, which plans to move it to Harold E. Holt Naval Communication Station in Western Australia. Nina Armagno, a Major General of the United States Air Force declared this information during the ceremony of transferring telescope.

Armagno also added that threats for Washington, including in space have changed. Russia and China are actually going to take over the space by 2025, that fact creates a real threat to US satellites even now.

The location of the telescope in Australia gives the US «the ability to better understand the space domain in order to identify and predict the actions of others. In turn this knowledge will help us deter others from reckless behavior, and [allow us] to posture ourselves to react if needed», according to Armagno.