Who is behind the destabilization of Belarus?

Sunday, 16 August, 2020 - 17:45
Brits, Poles, and Americans are openly engaged in fomenting chaos in Belarus.

The elections in Belarus and subsequent protests have strongly attracted the international community - and the situation is dire. 

The US’ reaction is hardly surprising given the experience of the 2014 Ukrainian coup. They are already employing the traditional schemes, calling for a redo of the election and threatening to impose sanctions. The funding for the protests comes primarily from funds affiliated with the intelligence services of NATO countries, as experts note.

However, in addition to the United States, many other states have joined in interfering in Belarus’ internal affairs: a number of allied American states have declared that they don't recognize the elections, pouring more fuel into the fire. Many European politicians like French president Emmanuel Macron "expressed concern" about the situation in Belarus, whereas previously they had next to no interest in the country.

Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania have already stated that they have prepared a plan to resolve the situation in Belarus and are ready to act as "mediators".

So-called "human rights" organizations have launched an advertising campaign on social networks: for example, Amnesty International, headquartered in London, is advertising on Russian Facebook political protest:


The most popular source of information is the openly extremist resource NEXTA, which is overseen by Poles from abroad (including Stepan Svetlov and Roman Protasiewicz - the latter a former employee of Euroradio). They have helped organize the protests, calling for openly anti-state measures in the spirit of Ukrainian "Maidan":

This is also part of the day to day work of various NGOs and external organizations such as CANVAS (Center for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies) in post-Soviet space (and not only), specializing in organizing protests and coups.

The editorial office of Geopolitica.ru asks readers to be more attentive to the sources of information and not to give in to propaganda from abroad which has nothing to do with the Belarusians themselves. The goal of these campaigns spearheaded by the US and European countries is to destabilize Belarus and cause a split in society, the long-term goal is to organize a quarrel between Minsk and Moscow and try to implement a "Ukrainian scenario" in Belarus.

There are problems in Belarus, but neither the Poles from NEXTA, nor Amnesty International and similar agents, experts in organizing "color revolutions", have any right to intervene in the internal affairs of other governments.


Geopolitica.ru is following the events and will identify all those involved in the attempt to take advantage of the situation and organize a pro-Western "color revolution" in Belarus.