Yemen: Saudis soldiers have been killed in "Jizan" and "Shabka"

Wednesday, 10 August, 2016 - 16:15

Yemeni military source said that two Saudis soldiers were killed by an Yemeni  army sniper and People's Committees in "Jeezan" in Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Defense of Yemen announced that some of Saudi soldiers were killed and some of military vehicle was destroyed by military and commissions during defence agaist Saudi progress towards "Alshabka".

Yemeni Artillery targeted Saudi sites at the east and west of  "Al-Fawwaz" and Najran Heights.

In contrast, Saudi aircraft launched raids on the sites "Alshabka" and Alsouh and in Najran in Saudi Arabia.

Yemeni Defense Ministry also announced killing and wounding scores of President Hadi forces by bombing from Army and People's Committees in the area east of "Kovel" at west of Marib.

This comes after the Army and People's Committees attack on the sites for forces of President Hadi near of  "Mount Helan" at same region and seized their military  equipment.

And to northeast of the capital Sanaa, Yemeni Defense Ministry announced that the army and popular committees thwart to provide Hadi President troops attemp to move toward areas "Mlh" and and "Bran" and "Alhol", while a Yemeni military source, speaking on the arrival of new reinforcements of Hadi President forces near of "Fardet Nahm".