US strikes on Syria: the world on the threshold of a global conflict


The United States launched a missile strike at the Syrian airbase in the province of Homs. According to US officials, the attack was "an act of retaliation" for the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian province of Idlib. On April 5, there were reports that the Syrian Air Force hit the city of Khan-Sheikhun (the stronghold of an-Nusra) with chemical munitions. The US blamed Syria and its allies Russia and Iran. Damascus, in turn, said that it launched an air strike at the ammunition depot, where chemical weapons were also prepared. The unilateral strike of the United States was not supported by the UN Security Council. In addition, there was not even initiated an independent investigation into what happened.

Neocons return

For the United States and for the world, a missile strike against Syria means the victory of the American Deep State and the return of the neoconservative lobby to big politics. The symbolic omen of this turn was the departure of Stephen Bannon, Trump's advisor from the US National Security CouncilWe should expect dramatic changes in the entire US foreign policy, which will begin to repeat the policy of the times of the administration of George W. Bush.

Russia and the US on the brink of war

At the moment, the neoconservative lobby urges Trump to continue the military campaign, not limiting himself to one blow. If Trump accepts this decision, the United States will be dragged into yet another war in the Middle East. Its principal difference from other conflicts is the presence in the region of the troops of another nuclear power - Russia. The risk of a direct military confrontation between Russia and the United States in Syria increases with unpredictable consequences for the whole world.

The US attack on Syria is also a serious blow to Putin personally. The fact that Russia did not respond to the aggressive actions of the US - already demonstrates its weakness. The Russian president cannot afford to demonstrate weakness, especially one year before the new presidential election, where he seeks to win. Accordingly, Russia will be forced to respond toughly to all subsequent US actions.

Consequences for the region

The American blow legitimizes the use of force by other powers against the official Damascus. First of all, this applies to Israel and Turkey. Both countries will push the US to further escalate the conflict. In addition, they can proceed to similar unilateral actions. This will plunge the region into chaos. The triangle of interaction "Russia-Turkey-Iran" will be destroyed.

Other strikes on Russia

The intensification of the conflict in Syria coincidentally coincided with the activation of the terrorist underground in Russia. It is necessary to expect new terrorist attacks and escalation of the conflict in Novorossia. Strikes across Russia will be applied to all the points of pain in order to disorient and weaken the country.