The Saudis declared an ultimatum to Qatar


Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and their allies have advanced knowingly impracticable demands on Qatar, which may led to the possibility of the military intervention in  that country. The list of requirements was published by The Washington Post. Among them, apart from the standard appeals for ending the support of terrorists, which in fact are financed also from Saudi Arabia, there are other important points: the disruption of all ties with Iran, the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Qatar, the severance of all ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and the termination of support for opposition movements in the region, the closure of the Al-Jazeera TV channel and a number of other Qatari media resources.

Impossible conditions

The ultimatum was drafted in such a way that Qatar could not accept it, which indicates that the Saudi coalition is going all-in and ready to exacerbate tensions until an armed conflict or an attempt to intervene in Qatar. The blockade just demonstrated that only ties with Iran and Turkey save this state from isolation and external aggression, Qatar is offered to exchange these ties for de facto for vassalage in relation to Saudi Arabia.

Information weapons

It is completely unrealistic to close Al Jazeera. The world-famous media is the main weapon in the hands of the Qatari dynasty and the main media of the entire Arab world. In the era of information warrior Qatar can not afford to lose such an important tool, which makes its influence really global one.

The challenge to Ankara

In addition, it is an unfriendly gesture towards Turkey, whose sovereign relations with Qatar are intervened by the Saudis. Thus Saudi coalition demonstrate that they are ready to enter into confrontation with this power and consider the Turkish military to be a threat to themselves and, probably, an opponent in the future conflict.